Home Theater PC

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Easy to use
Navigating through the menu’s using the remote is so easy your children will be able do it! Never will they have to bug you to put “Frozen” on for them again.

For the thirty thousandth time…

Quick Access to your entire Library
Instead of spending ten minutes decide and another 10 to find the movie and get it playing, you can have instant access to your entire library. With a Home Theater PC you can easily type in a movie name or browse by year, genre, actors, directors, writers, studios, etc.

Record Live TV
Pause and rewind live TV and schedule your shows to record while you’re not home, without having to pay your cable company to rent another DVR.

If you have interest in getting a home theater we ask you questions to help decide how set it up to suit your needs
The HTPC itself
On the Screen
It's still a full computer

Access your media from anywhere.
Forte PC sets up every Home Theater PC as a media server. So any computer in your home can anything from your watch or listen to anything in your library. We can even configure your mobile devices to be able to access your library even when you’re not home through the internet. Even setup your phone to sync your favorite shows from the DVR recordings to your phone to be able to watch them during anywhere.